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  • How to be a co-worker everyone likes

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    The ins and outs of being a good co-worker

    Whether you’re working in a team in a big corporation, or are in a smaller and more intimate office environment, being a good co-worker, whatever your role is so important. Your employer will have hired you based not only on your skills, but also your ability to fit in and get on with others, so it is a good idea to be conscious of your actions when in the workplace.

    In all honesty, it’s mostly about using your common sense, but just in case, here are some things you should be considering in order to be a good co-worker.

    Personal grooming

    It might sound like a no-brainer, but we’ve all at some point worked with the guy who wears the same shirt allweek, or the woman that douses herself daily in overpowering perfume. Personal grooming is vital in an office, and it’s such an awkward area for HR to bring up, that don’t ever let yourself become a point of discussion.

    Be polite and friendly

    No matter how stressful your day is, or how irritating you’re finding someone’s chewing at lunch (there is alwaysone…), never let your professional personality slide. You don’t have to be a corporate robot of course, but being polite and friendly cost nothing, and will always give the right impression in the office.

    Be helpful

    The whole point of working in a team in an office is that you can help each other out, so if you see someone struggling and think that you could help, speak up. Even if you can’t, you offering is going to really make them feel like they’re not alone, and you can always offer to do other tasks for them if they are truly swamped.

    Make the coffee every now and then

    In an office, everybody should be taking it in turns to make the coffee, or clean up the coffee machine, so make sure that you offer to do your fair share. In any workplace, a good co-worker is somebody that pulls their weight no matter the task, however trivial.

    As we said, being a good co-worker is mainly a case of common sense, so make sure you toe the line too.

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