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  • Team bonding days – making the right impression

    June 13, 2019 By EasyInternetBusinessIdeas 0 comments

    Most businesses, whether big or small, like to invest once in a while in team bonding days, to make sure that their teams can have a chance to mesh well together. It can also be a way for management to get to know their employees in a less corporate environment.

    Although it offers us the chance to get out of the office, lots of us are less than enthusiastic about team bonding days – often because they take us out of our comfort zones. One of these days can provide the perfect opportunity to make the right impression though.

    Be enthusiastic

    Management hate to see lacklustre effort in an event that they’ll have worked hard to organise, so even if it’s not your thing, try to be enthusiastic. You’re going to get new experiences and strengthen colleague connections, which are all great things. So embrace the spirit of the day, and get stuck in!

    Be friendly and inclusive

    Office culture often involves cliques, and you probably will have co-workers that you get on better than others. However on a team bonding day, be indiscriminately friendly, and make sure nobody is left out. New workers can often be a bit shy, so make an extra effort to bring them into the fold.

    Don’t be a show-off

    Being enthusiastic is great, but make sure you don’t try to take centre-stage. Nobody likes a show-off, and it is a team day after all, so work as a team. Don’t dim your talents, but at the same time use your enthusiasm to infect the group, achieve results, and to have an amazing day out of the office having fun with your co-workers!

    Team bonding days should be fun, so go into one with the right attitude, and use it as a fun learning experience.

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