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  • The Importance of Online Networking Tools: LinkedIn Alternatives

    July 30, 2019 By EasyInternetBusinessIdeas 0 comments

    The face of networking and making valuable business connections is changing. Not only are face-to-face meetings and conference calls still an important aspect, connecting online is now undeniably part of it too – whether you like it or not. LinkedIn will be the first online tool that people will think of when the words “online networking” are mentioned, but did you know there are various alternatives to LinkedIn that are just as useful? Read on to have a look at a few more niche networking sites and options.

    For Those in the Creative Industry: Zerply

    If you are looking for work in the entertainment production industry, then make sure you put Zerply on your radar. They connect creatives with people working in TV, film, gaming and virtual reality. Based on San Francisco, they ensure their members are vetted and actually up for the job. Studios can scout any type of talent here, from screenwriters to digital artists. However, they don’t just post jobs based in the Us. You can also find jobs based elsewhere in the world.

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    For Those in the Construction Industry: Copronet

    A new networking tool on the market, Copronet has set out to become the one-stop hub for everyone in the UK construction industry. Not only do they allow for networking, they also have a variety of tools that actually allow you to plan and manage your projects and leads. They also offer business credit checks on potential partners, so you can rest assured that you are building relationships and making informed decisions based on the latest information.

    For Those with a Startup: Gust

    Are you a start-up looking for funding and information on how to get your startup off the ground? Have a look at Gust. Budding entrepreneurs can collaborate and connect with investors and other professionals. As a global SaaS funding platform, they provide support around everything involved around the investment relationship. You can receive feedback on your pitch and more. They also have Gust Launch, which helps make startup companies even more appealing to investors.

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    For Those with a StartUp II: AngelList

    A very popular alternative to LinkedIn, AngelList is another great resource if you are looking to invest in a startup or are looking to raise funds for your own company. It is also a great platform for those looking for a job as well as recruiters. AngelList posts jobs from various different locations, so if you’re looking to change jobs or get into a specific market, it is worthwhile to give AngelList a browse. As a jobseeker, you can create a free profile to showcase your experience, skills and background and easily show interest in posted jobs. Some companies listed on their website include Stripe, Hinge, Tinder and Uber, just to name a few!

    If LinkedIn is the main platform when it comes to business connections, it may be worth looking into some of these options or anything specifically thought out for your industry, as you could enjoy features particularly useful for your company or more easily connect with people that can help you out in your project.

    Would you have any other suggestions to add to this list? Let us know!

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