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  • Is Your Online Security Good Enough?

    August 21, 2019 By EasyInternetBusinessIdeas 0 comments

    For both our professional and personal lives, having a good internet connection is key, and no matter where we are and what we’re doing, we all like to be well connected. Due to this though, it can be so easy to forget that the internet isn’t always the most secure of places and with malware, viruses and other potential threats, you could be sharing a whole lot more than you planned.

    Especially when it comes to your business dealings, nobody can really afford to suffer from a breach of security which can at best be embarrassing, and worst catastrophic for the business. If you know that you can be a tad lax about these things, then take a look at some of the hints and tips for your online security below.

    Pay for your anti-virus

    If you particularly love a bargain, then it can be all too tempting to plump for a free anti-virus application, which in all fairness can do the basics. However, when it comes to your professional accounts, having only the bare minimum in internet security simply isn’t good enough, so it is time to invest in a seriously comprehensive anti-virus.

    When it comes to picking a good anti-virus for your needs, it is a wise move to go with the crowd – for instance, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus has proved a winner recently with top industry reviews rating it as near perfect when it comes to online protection.

    Check your cyber security

    Most businesses will have some private and sensitive documentation that does need to be kept under close wraps, so it is good idea to have your cyber security checked out and vetted. Having someone within your employ too who understands the ins and outs of cyber security is an added bonus that is sure to give you peace of mind.

    When it comes to your cyber security, you need to consider things like your cyber defence, security architecture and governance, which is why it is smart to have somebody that knows what they’re doing. Choose a trusted technology and cyber security company to make life easy for yourself – have a look at a site like Empiric for instance, to see what security solutions they can help you out with.

    Make sure your cloud is safe

    As with anti-virus programmes, it can be easy to decide to save the pennies with a free cloud sharing platform, but in the long-run it is surely better to invest in secure paid application for your team. Sure Google Docs might be convenient, but it is more professional and more secure to choose something like Dropbox, which is trusted by businesses all over the world, and which is really user friendly, making it simple to share and save documents and more securely. It is pretty simple to set up a business account and add members so do consider upgrading your cloud to a more professional level.

    It is always better to be protected and prepared against cyber threats, so invest the time now to make sure your business’ online security is up to scratch.

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